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What is The Locker Room?

ReEngage, ReConnect, ReCommit. - Time to Jersey Up!™

The Locker Room is the new social media website designed and built to help schools raise funds for their sports and other co-curricular programs. It’s no secret that schools are under enormous budgetary pressure these days. Whether you’re a rural, suburban, or urban high school, public or private, or even a major University, funding these programs is a constant challenge. That’s where The Locker Room comes in.

 How Does The Locker Room Raise Funds?

We provide every high school and college in the country with a game plan to provide a recurring revenue stream to support their sports related programs in a truly innovative way. Using a customized social media platform, The Locker Room has domains unique to every participating school. Each school will have a site administrator to control its secure locker rooms. 

Alumni athletes will be asked to answer the call to Jersey Up!™, – to put on the jersey one more time to help their team. They will be connected via a designated, virtual locker room/locker to others who share the tradition of the same jersey, played the same sport, or competed in the same event. Members will pay an annual Locker Fee that will transport them into The Locker Room where memories and relationships with former teammates will be rekindled and new ones made. Old photos, videos, stories – embellished and otherwise – can all be uploaded and shared in The Locker Room. 

Athletic directors, coaches, team boosters, and advancement departments can harness The Locker Room to tap into these alumni-athlete relationships in a unique manner to raise more funds to support and sustain their sports programs. 

 What About Other Activities Besides Sports?

Your school can elect to set up other Locker Rooms for co-curricular activities such as band, cheer, choir, dramatic arts and more! The sky’s the limit with The Locker Room.

 Is It Easy To Administer A Locker Room Site?

It’s very easy to establish and maintain a school locker room. School administrators are provided access to their respective dashboards to add and edit content. Schools can create as many distinct locker rooms as they wish. Your school will have its own unique and secure domain from which to build its fund raising site. The Locker Room is also able to build the site for a school.

 What Is The Process to Set Up a Site? 

To learn how easy it is to set up your school’s Locker Rooms, simply fill out our easy contact form to schedule a demo. We’re ready to get your school fully connected and raising funds.
Jersey Up!™

Continue with Tradition

Continue with Tradition

Imagine being a former athlete and getting a call to put the jersey on one more time to help the team. The Locker Room makes that hypothetical a reality! We provide an exciting platform and game plan that every high shool and college in the country can follow to gain sustainable support for their athletic related programs by presenting their alumni athletes with a compelling call to action to reconnect.