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Locker Room Legacy National Sponsor Opportunity

The Locker Room seeks a single national sponsor willing to partner with us in a creative fashion to drive home and reward individual and school support for The Locker Room’s mission to empower schools and their alumni athletes and fans to support current athletics and other co-curricular activities. The selected company will be featured on the home page of The Locker Room and every member school with customized activation opportunities.

Locker Room Legacy Individual Sport Sponsor Opportunities

The Locker Room seeks partnerships with leagues, players associations, athletic apparel/shoe companies, athletic equipment companies, retail sporting goods stores, nutrition companies, video gaming companies, and the like to champion each individual sport/extracurricular activity’s locker room.  The selected company(ies) will be featured on the particular Locker Room for every member school with customized activation opportunities.

Locker Room Legacy Advertising Opportunities

The Locker Room offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to promote their goods and services to local, regional and even national audiences. Our advertising packages are designed to fit virtually any business model and, of course, the advertising fees collected support schools in funding their co-curricular programs.

We currently offer ad positions that have the potential of reaching a wide and varied audience. Contact us for more information and we will send you a Locker Room media rate sheet explaining advertising plans and options.

Locker Room Legacy Varsity Sponsorship Opportunities

Varsity Sponsors have the opportunity to help their chosen schools defray the cost of membership in The Locker Room.  Our basic package costs high schools $2,000 to create 4 Locker Rooms for the school ($3,500 for Division III and NAIA colleges; $5,000 for Division I and II). Varsity sponsors will be featured on the home page of the school with the ability to craft a call to action or other message to members of that school’s locker rooms.  A company or individual(s) can elect to be the single Varsity Sponsor or partner with up to 3 other companies or individuals.

Locker Room Legacy Flexible Ads

Your advertising campaigns are now more flexible than ever! You’re free to choose the number of ads to display horizontally and vertically, so you can have several ads in one row, in more than one row, or create multiple columns of ads.It's completely up to you!

Locker Room Legacy Zones

Show ads on ANY module position available on your template and even on other sites. Where to place your ads is an important decision. You want the flexibility to display your ads anywhere you want and the flexibility to display as many ads as you want.

Locker Room Legacy Packages

Create advertisement packages based time, impressions or clicks (CPM, CPC or Time). There are Three Types of Advertising Packages: Flat Rate, Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM).

Locker Room Legacy Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to limit display of ads based on time, impressions or clicks and allows you and your advertisers to create campaigns, which are a grouping of ads by one advertiser that are limited by clicks, impressions or time.

Locker Room Legacy Reports

Reading your stats isn't just a vital part of Internet business, it should also be fun. Packing in detailed information that's easy to read and a pleasure to break down both for admins and for advertisers.

Locker Room Legacy Targeting

Social | GEO | Keyword
Social Media Targeting lets you use all of the demographic data available on social media sites to shoot your ads directly to the people most likely to buy. Now we give you the power and flexibility you need while remaining user-friendly to you and your advertisers.