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Fundraising Key Features and Benefits

 Key Features and Benefits for Schools

  • ReEngage and ReConnect with your alumni in unique fashion that will inspire them to ReCommit to your school
  • Build and strengthen the Locker Room culture for your current student-athletes
  • Raise funds through a variety of secure Locker Rooms/Locker Fees
  • Control the number and type of Locker Rooms offered (sports, bands, clubs, etc.)
  • Access your website dashboard for customizing
  • Establish pricing levels for Member Locker Fees 
  • Receive secure school domain with option to offer links to any existing school website(s)
  • Connect directly with Members at your discretion
  • Conduct campaign feasibility studies through The Locker Room - saving time and dollars on consultants

 Key Features and Benefits for Members

  • Support your alma mater by answering the call to Jersey Up!
  • Select one or more Locker Rooms and ReEngage and ReConnect with teammates, coaches, and other alumni athletes
  • Create and post comments, photos and videos and invite others to Jersey Up! and join The Locker Room
  • Receive a birthday alert letting you know of other Members' birthdays and the opportunity to share a story or two about that Member
  • Invite other Members to connect directly with you
  • Fully manage your Locker(s) (profile pages)
  • Change their membership status at any time
  • Convenient annual auto renewal of Locker Fees

 Other Features

  • Create and manage capital/program campaigns
  • Set goal, start date, end date and description for each campaign
  • Engage alumni through The Locker Room identifying potential campaign committee members, lead donors, matching gift donors - all saving you fees on campaign counsel
  • Track progress of each campaign against goals
  • Define contribution levels for each campaign as well as frequency: one-time, recurring or both (default is both)

 Custom, Flexible Donation Form

  • Show/hide, change the order of any fields on donation form 
  • Change, translate the message and the title of the fields on donation form to meet your needs
  • Create custom fields (Text, Text area, Radio, Drop-down, Check boxes list, Date/time....) to collect more information of donors if needed
  • Set custom fields for each campaign
  • Allow donors to donate by choosing from one of pre-defined donation amount or enter any donation amount they want
  • Allow anonymous donations

 Powerful Email Notification System

  • Notification emails immediately sent to administrator when Member makes a donation 
  • Confirmation emails immediately sent to Members upon completion of donation

 Export Donors into CSV File for Other Uses

 Optional Features 

  • Donation History page which displays donation history of that donor
  • Donor Page which displays list of donors
  • Donation history of each Member viewable in his/her respective profiles
  • Single Locker Fee option for multiple sport alumni to participate