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Social Media Features

Locker Room Legacy Activity Stream

This is the core of The Locker Room. A powerful stream with a fun share box.  Members can post a status and add videos, photos, moods and location. Friends can comment, like and share with privacy control that’s simple, secure and flexible.

Locker Room Legacy Member Profile Page

Let your members express themselves. Every member is unique and so is their profile. The profile page shows answer to profile questions, status posts, a list of friends, photos and videos, and any apps they choose to include.

Locker Room Legacy Customizeable Profile

Ask the right questions for your community. Ask your members the questions that are important to your community. Create any type of question (open or closed) and let your members share their tastes, stories or experiences.

Locker Room Legacy Photo Galleries

People love sharing their photos with friends — and their friends love sharing and commenting on them. Allow your members to upload photos to the stream or create new photo albums. It’s the best way to boost engagement.

Locker Room Legacy Video

Share videos from any host. Let your members upload videos or embed them from YouTube, Vimeo or other hosts. Videos can also be added to video albums and displayed in categories for members to like, comment on and share.

Locker Room Legacy Events

Extend your community offline with real life events. Nothing brings a community together like a get-together for a Jersey Up!™ event. Your members can easily create their own events or join existing events and share their ideas on a dedicated stream.

Locker Room Legacy Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms bring like-minded members together. Members can invite others, create discussions and events, and upload photos and videos.

Locker Room Legacy Friends

Everybody could use a few more friends. Adding friends strengthens the connections inside your community. Members can add friends and accept or decline friend requests. They can also restrict their posts so that they’re only seen by the people they choose.

Locker Room Legacy Alerts

Addictive alerts keep your members coming back. Get real-time alerts on new comments, likes, birthdays, friend requests and messages. Keep your members engaged and interested all the time.

Locker Room Legacy Privacy

We take privacy seriously. Members want to be sure that their information is protected. The Locker Room allows them to choose the privacy level of each post and even modify it later.